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Title of Paper                                                                    
Page No.
1 Dr. Neeraj Maini         Investment Profile of Women Investors 1-13
2 Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta          Evaluating weak form Efficiency of Indian Stock Market 14-21
3 Dr. Sanket viz                           Human Resource Motivation in Globalised Era : An Empirical Study of selected Life Insurance 22-30
4 Prof. Kulwant Singh Pathania     Financial inclusion in India :A Perception of Bank Employees 31-43
5 Harvinder Singh Mand              

Impact of Capital Structure on Cost of Capital –An Empirical Analyusis of Traditional and Modern Firms

6 Dr.. Sanjeev Sharma                   

Brand Consciousness of Knitwear Manufacturers-An Empirical Study of Ludhiana Cluster

7 Dr. Kanwaldeep Kaur                    

Exploring Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Study of Private Sector  Banks in India

8 Dr. Ruchita Verma                      

Efficiency of Banks In india :A Fourier –Flexible Function

Stochastic Frontier Analysis
9 Dr. Kulwant Singh Pathania          Ethical Dilemma –Major Issue of the Corporate World 88-95
1 Dr. Sabina Batra                          Replacement Behavior of Borrowers :An Empirical Analysis 96-109
11 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Mahajan        Potential of Employment in Indian Banking Industry 110-113
12 Ms Rashmi Sharma                      Growth of Indian BPO Industry and Recent Trends 114-119
13 Dr ishani Patharia Chopra            Neuromarketing : A Burgeoning Marketing Tool 120-125
14 Dr. Monika Mogla  Fundamental Analysis of Indian Entertainment Industry 126-139
15 Dr Harpreet Kaur                        E-Governance in Register of Companies –Perspective of Users 140-144