Hall of Block

Hall of Fame

The Pride of the Institution “Hall of Fame” is enshrined in the oldest building named Krishna Hall founded in 1933 by Lala Dev Raj Ji. Rooted in the inspirational soil of “Haldi Ghati”, this august hall was built with a mission to inculcate a sense of profound patriotism among the then girl students. The saga of supreme sacrifices made by the students of the Vidyalaya during the turbulent times of India‘s struggle for freedom finds a matchless depiction in the photo gallery. The ambience and decor rich with the reminiscences of historic visits of five Presidents and five Prime Ministers of India bear a testimony to the unparalleled glory and grandeur of the Vidyalaya’s rich legacy. Indelible imprints left behind by these great personages are the much-cherished souvenirs that transform this structure into a place where ‘the head is held high.’