Department of ZOOLOGY

Year of Establishment  1950

Courses offered

  • B.Sc. Medical(Chemistry, Botany & Zoology)
  • B.Sc. Medical (Zoology, Chemistry,BioInformatics)
  • New course: M.Sc. Zoology

About the Department

The department has highly qualified faculty with a strong commitment for teaching & research and department is synonymous with quality education. Department of Zoology has received funds from DBT BioCARe, DBT Star College Scheme and CPE. It has also been identified by the DST under FIST – I and FIST – II programmes. The department has equipments like Gel-Doc, Refrigerated centrifuges, Electrophoresis units, MIPS etc. There is a well maintained museum with vast collections of specimens & rare skeletons. The department has a well equipped library with about 600 books. Department keeps on organizing student oriented activities like extension lectures, seminars, workshops, educational trips etc. The departmental faculty is also involved in spreading awareness about various environmental issues to inculcate the spirit of sustainable development in youth.
In the new session 2018-19 the Department of Zoology is offering a new course M.Sc Zoology under continuous evaluation system which provides students with the opportunity to study animal life in its diversity & includes structures, embryology, evolution, classification, habits & distribution of all animals, both living & extinct. It also provides them with a suitable foundation for careers  in teaching, research, conservation of endangered species etc. It emphasizes  a mix of modern Molecular Laboratory expertise, practical field skills & traditional taxonomy.


Teaching Faculty

  1. Mrs. Sadhana Tandon Associate Professor , Head of Department
  2. Dr. Archana Saini Assistant Professor
  3. Ms.Akanksha Khosla Lecturer
  4. Ms. Navjit Kaur Lecturer

Strengths of Department

  • New experiments and projects performed by students under DBT Star College Scheme.
  • ICT based teaching with smart class rooms
  • Outstanding Results & Progression
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Spacious and well equipped modern labs
  • Online assignments given to the students
  • On & Off Campus placements
  • Conducting various hands on training workshops, Seminars
  • Research activities

National Seminars and Conferences and Other Activities

Glimpses of Workshop cum Seminar on biodiversity conservation

Celebrating Van Mahotsava by planting saplings of different plants.

Lecture cum Workshop on CARDIAC PULMONARY RESURSCITATION. CPR sequences were demonstrated by Dr. Deepak Sehdev to the students

Educational trip to Fish Farm, Kapurthala

Slogan writing & Chart Making competitions on AIDS Awareness Day