Regulations for Maintenance and Functioning of Hostel

Rules for Boarders

  1. The Principal / members of the hostel committee/ Dean Resident Life will inspect the hostel frequently.
  2. Allotment of rooms is done by the warden in consultation with the Principal.
  3. A boarder may be asked to leave the hostel if the hostel fee is pending for more than a month.
  4. A boarder may be expelled from the hostel if she stays away from the hostel without permission or is negligent in studies or is found guilty of misconduct. Any boarder found guilty of creating restlessness/misguiding/negatively influencing other boarders will be liable for disciplinary action.
  5. Lights must be switched off when not in use. Students found keeping the lights on when absent from the room will be fined as per rules.
  6. Use of any kind of electric appliance like Heater, Rod, Iron etc. is not allowed.  Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter.
  7. All reports of theft etc. (if any) should be made to the warden immediately. The residents are advised to keep their belongings under lock and key. They will not keep expensive jewellery or heavy cash.
  8. Shouting, hooting, violent knocking or any other misconduct that is likely to cause disturbance is strictly prohibited. There shall be no loud discussion or chatting in the verandas at any hour of the day or night. Use of mobile phones and talking on phone must be avoided inside rooms so that room mates are not disturbed.
  9. Boarders are to concentrate only on their studies during fixed study hours.
  10.    Taps of the bath-rooms, toilets etc. should always be turned off after use
  11. Residents are prohibited to tamper with electric and sanitary installations. If found guilty, the cost of the repairs will be realised from the students, in addition to a fine for negligence.
  12. All cases of sickness should be reported to the resident nurse or hostel warden or to the student incharge of Hostel Dispensary.
  13. Though adequate security checks are provided by the institution, still if any boarder leaves the campus, breaking the rules of the institution or tricking the authorities, the institution will not be held responsible for it. If any mis-happening occurs while misusing electricity or any other act of indiscipline of any boarder leading to a mishap, the responsibility will lie on the parents/guardians of the defaulter. The authorities may even expel her from the hostel or college if she does not abide by the rules.
  14. In case of any misuse or usage of the cell phone for purposes other than the genuine, the college authorities shall not be responsible in any manner what so ever and for any consequences that may occur due to such misuse of the cell phone.
  15. Six cash prizes of Rs. 500/- each will be given to the best social worker of the year.


Hostel Prayer

  1. It is compulsory for the boarder to attend the evening prayers and attendance.

Correspondence of Boarders

  1. All correspondence of the boarders must pass through the hands of the Principal/warden. Serious action will be taken against the boarder who posts or receives letters through other sources.
  2. Use of Mobile Phone Timing:
  3. Morning: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM
    Evening: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

  4. In study hours do not disturb roommates.
  5. In study hours room wise attendance taken by wardens.


  1. Vegetarian meals are served in the dining hall at fixed hours. Late comers will not be served food.
  2. Student members of the Mess Committee are to meet at least once a month.
  3. Mess charges are to be paid by the 10th of every month.
  4. The college will reserve the right to withdraw or change any residential facility and to revise fee or any other charges prescribed for the purpose of availing any residential facility.
  5. Unless otherwise specified residential facilities once chosen like air conditioned facility etc. will not be changed during the academic session.
  6. The students will not paste any poster or painting on the walls of the rooms or at other places in and outside residential premises.
  7. The college will reserve the right to carry inspection if the student room, bags, Almirah or any of personal belongings at any time during day and/or night.
  8. If a student does not join/report the college within a week after the scheduled start of session, the residential facility already allotted to her may be de-allotted.
  9. For minor ailments medical facility is provided by the College. A visiting doctor and residential nurse are provided in the hostel. In case of any advanced/specialised requirement of treatment parents will be responsible. In case of any serious ailment/accidental happenings the college authorities will not be held responsible.
  10. Student should prior inform about any chronic disease.
  11. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any accidental injuries/mishaps.


  1. The resident students are expected to dress simply and modestly in keeping with the traditions of the college. They are not allowed to wear gaudy or unbecoming clothes. They have to follow the idea of 'Simple Living and High Thinking. All boarders should be formally and properly dressed when they come to college side from boarding house.
  2. Students are allowed to enter the dining hall only if they are decently and properly dressed.



  1.   Day scholars are not allowed to visit the hostel except with the written permission of a teacher/Warden. A boarder who invites or allows a day scholar to visit her in the hostel will be fined.

   Personal Account

  1.  A resident student is not permitted to keep more than Rs. 500/- with her. Extra money should be kept in her personal account with P.N.B. on the College Campus.


(i)    A person whose name and signature is not given in the list can meet the student only if he brings a letter of permission from the student's Father/Guardian, with attestation of his signature.

(ii)    Visitor card to be kept with parents only.
(iii)   Time period for making a visitor card will be 2 months only.
(iv)    The Principal can, at her discretion, disallow a person named in the list to visit a student.
(v)    No boarder is allowed to meet a visitor, male or female, without the permission of the warden. Severe action   will be taken against a boarder disobeying this order.
(vi)    Relatives of the boarders who themselves are students will not be allowed to act as local guardians of the boarders.

Visiting Days                                   Timings
Saturdays                                   2.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.
Sundays                                     9.00 A.M   to  6.00 P.M.

Parents/Guardians/Students to note

Approved visitors including parents are allowed to visit.
the Boarders on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Rules for Leave from the Hostel

  1. Permission to stay out with approved local or out-station relatives will not be granted more than once a month including vacations.
  2. Permission to take leave from the hostel should be obtained (on prescribed leave form) from the warden at least two days before availing leave. If leave is required on a working day, it should be obtained from the Principal after obtaining the warden's recommendation in writing.
  3.  The Principal / warden should be approached for leave during hours fixed for the purpose.
  4. No boarder shall be allowed to leave the hostel alone to visit her local relatives.
  5.  Boarders absenting themselves from the hostel without prior permission from the warden are liable   to be fined or punished, may be even in the form of expulsion from the hostel.
  6.  A boarder, before leaving the hostel for short or long period, shall enter the timings of her departure and arrival.
  7.  A boarder, on leave from the hostel, must be back on the day her leave expires by 6.00 PM.
  8. The residents will be allowed to leave the hostel only on the days of commencement of Autumn and Winter breaks and the saturday falling after 21 days when their leave is due.
  9. After a long vacation, all resident students are required to be back in the hostel on the eve of the re-opening of the college. Permission for joining late will be granted only on medical grounds. Defaulters shall be fined as per rules and regulations.
  10. The boarders shall maintain their Record Book properly.
  11. Any problem/complaint regarding hostel/mess/book shop should be brought to the notice of the hostel committee.
  12. Cultural activities will be organised by the Youth Club. No function can be organised without the prior permission of the Principal. The Youth Club will celebrate the following festivals :
  13.    (i) Dussehra, Diwali, Lohri, Basant, Holi and Gurupurab.

  14. No accounts should be opened either in the book shop or with the photographer.
  15. Students willing to take up NCC as an option will be required to produce written permission from their parents.
  16. Hostel Rules, College/Hostel dues are subject to change by the college authorities and such alteration shall be binding on all the students.
  17. Changes (if any) in the above rules and regulations will be duly notified.
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