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Kanya Maha Vidyalaya-the Heritage Institution, Jalandhar and Lesley University have entered into a historic agreement/pact by signing an MoU to create a sustainable international education partnership.While addressing the journalists in a press conference Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi mentioned that KMV constantly aspires to provide international exposure and opportunities to our students for their success at national and international levels.The signing of this agreement indicates a commitment of both institutions to work to further establish opportunities for collaboration and exchange of resources. A glorious highlight of this MOU is that it is the first of its kind agreement signed by any educational institution in this region with Lesley University, USA. Cooperation and collaboration shall be carried out through :

1. Student Exchange and Admissions

2. Faculty Exchange

3. Joint Research Activities and Publications

4. Exchange of Academic Materials and Other Information

5. Interactive Participation in Joint Conferences & Seminars through Visits & Video Conferencing

1. Student Exchange/Admissions and Visits :

• This program will facilitate KMVites to move to Lesley University after 3 years of study at KMV and get a degree after pursuing education for a year at Lesley University.For Postgraduate courses, students will be admitted directly to Lesley University after passing out from KMV College.

The transfer would be based on student's credits in exams and other achievements; recommended by the Faculty at KMV and Lesley University, USA. For recommended students, IELTS clearance will not be required.

• Exchange shall mean exchange of students from each institution. Lesley University would be sending students to KMV for study of one full semester or short period depending upon the program and likewise for KMV.

The total number of students exchanged per year will be determined by both the institutions.

• It will facilitate direct admission of KMV students to PG courses too at Lesley University.

• Joint Community Service Programmes will be undertaken jointly by the students of both the institutions, in India and USA.

2. Faculty Exchange :

• In Faculty Exchange faculty members and administrators of both institutions are entitled to make professional visits to these institutions for Faculty development and enrichment. Teachers from Lesley University will visit KMV to teach students here and vice-versa.

3. Joint Research Activities and Publications :

• The two institutionswill undertake joint academic programs deploying their faculty members and facilities, drawing upon their respective strengths. Joint publications will be done by students and faculty.

4. Exchange of Academic Materials and Publications :

• The faculty from both institutions shall be encouraged to exchange their respective resources and publications. Faculty Development programs will be organized by both institutions for innovative and successful cases of pedagogy.

For the successful fruition of this partnership each institution shall designate an individual responsible for coordinating the specific aspects of the program as well as advising the students. During the era of globalization education has transcended spatio-cultural boundaries and KMV strives at creating global citizens. The intent of this agreement also is to provide exposure to the students of both these institutions by providing the students and faculty from KMV and Lesley opportunities to study and participate fully in the life of the host institution's community. This partnership is the fourth in the series of International collaborations and partnerships of KMV. Some being KMV-Chatham University collaboration, KMV-Boston University collaboration and KMV-COE College, USA collaboration.