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Moral Education Programme

This innovative experiment is a crucial academic input for the institution. It is intended to be the primary step to fulfil a long-felt need and provide the missing link in the present education curricula. The course aims at bringing about a perceptional transformation among the students, by initiating a process of self-exploration. This introductory course input is intended:
  • To help the students appreciate the essential complementarity between 'VALUES' and 'SUCCESS' to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity, which are the core aspirations of all human beings. To facilitate the development of a Holistic perspective among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding of the Human situation. Such a holistic perspective forms the basis of universal human values.
  • To initiate a movement towards - value based living in a natural way.
  • To highlight plausible implications of ethical human conduct, trustful and mutually fulfilling human behavior and mutually enriching interaction with Nature.

Thus, this course is intended to provide a much-needed orientational input in Moral Education to the young inquiring minds.