K.M.V. Research Scholar in Physics, Neha Verma presents paper in California, USA

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Autonomous and Heritage Institution, Jalandhar Research Activities are encouraged in routine. As a result Neha Verma, Ph.D Scholar, P.G. Department of Physics, KMV who has worked as Research Scholar on UGC sponsored Major Research Project under the supervision of Dr. Sonik Bhatia, Asst. Prof. in P.G. Dept of Physics was invited to USA (California ) regarding presentation of her Research works. She has worked on Nano materials and during the conference elaborated on different techniques to synthesize low cost metal oxide based Nanomateuals. She also shared how nanomaterials prepared by different  techniques which will bring a new-insight in the Industrial  and environmental applications. The highlights of her research was the application of photocatalytic Activity of ceruoim doped ZÝÏ film prepared by Sol-gel spin coating technique. This technique can be used to sense leakage and detect presence of toxics gases which are harmfull to human health. This is termed as a gas sensor and detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safely system which shuts up automatically on detection of a dangerous substance. It can trigger an alarm which prompts people around to leave for safely. The same technology can also aid to remove dye from water so that it can be used safely for human consumption. The device made by her can have various applications in the  fields of Physics and Biophysics. In the conference scientists and Researchers from 35 countries across the globe presented their research to foster non pollination between different research fields, and to expose the discussed innovative theories, frame works, methodologies, tools and applications. She thanked the alma-meter and her supervision for guiding her to such a wonderful opportunity in life. Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi congratulated the young scholar for following the glorious precedents set by her services in the Department and wished her glorious.