KMV organizes a session on Adhyatmik Chetna: Sartakhta ka Sirot

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Autonomous and Heritage Institution, Jalandhar organized Adhyatmik Chetna: Sartakhta Ka Sirot. Swami Vishwang Ji was invited for a interactive session with the students and faculty of KMV. The Principal of KMV Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi extended floral greetings to Swami Vishwang Ji. Swami Ji said that Prarabdh and Purusharth are very important concepts. Prarabdh is what one gets without efforts. One can choose it and one have to expect it. Purusharth is what one gets with efforts. One can choose it. According to Vedas, purusharth is more powerful than Prarabdh. Swami Ji Said that internal happiness, mental peace is of utmost importance in life. Further Swami ji Said that the more amount of information one has and the more one makes use of that information can keep ones sorrows at bay. Addressing the students Swami ji said that one should make proper use of one’s student life, achieve one’s aim and realize one’s potential. The discourse was followed by a highly interactive session where the student’s querries were very well answered by Swami JI.