KMV Displays World of Chemistry at College Library Various Aspects of Chemistry Depicted for the Students

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Heritage & Autonomous Institution, Jalandhar' PG Department of Chemistry displayed ''World of Chemistry'' at the library display corner depicting various aspects of chemistry which was inaugurated by Principal Prof.(Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi. It is important to mention that the journey of the world of chemistry started from the father of chemistry A. Lavosier, who produced hydrogen and oxygen gas in the laboratory for the first time in the history. The great Russian scientist Mendeleev's contribution of arrangement of elements in the tabular form known as Periodic Table was also recognised. Prof. of Chemistry Dr R. Vasudevan who is also known as ''The Plastic Man of India'' and is pioneer in his eco-friendly initiative and has devised an innovative technology wherein plastic waste generated by human beings is used along with bitumen for the construction of sturdy roads in southern India. He has been decorated with highest civilian award ''Padam Shri'' by honourable President of India Sh. Ram Nath Kovind for his initiative. Models depicting various applications of chemistry were also displayed and one of them being a Photo catalytic cleaning of industrial waste water using nanoparticles and others included 12 principles of green chemistry, polymer chemistry, forensic chemistry, job avenues, material module and much more. Principal Madam applauded the efforts made by the faculty and the students of PG Department of Chemistry and added that such initiatives go a long way in creating interest in the subject in young and vibrant minds.