KMV's PG Department of Punjabi Organizes a Seminar on the Plays of Lakshmi Narayan Lal

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- The Heritage & Autonomous Institution, Jalandhar's PG Department of Punjabi organized a seminar for the students. The topic of the seminar was Themes & Techniques in the plays of Lakshmi Narayan Lal. Dr Sunil Kumar ( Department of Hindi, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar) was the keynote speaker for the occasion. Dr Sunil during his address threw light on the various plays of Lakshmi Narayan Lal and laid a special emphasis on the play "Abdulla Diwana'' and its various themes in a very descriptive manner. He gave a detailed information to the students about the subject matter, character sketch, play techniques of the ''Abdulla Diwana''. After the lecture, the question and answer session was also held in which inquisitive students asked questions related to the topic from the expert speaker. Principal Prof.(Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi welcomed the esteemed guests and also lauded the efforts of Punjabi department for organizing such fruitful and informative activities. She maintained that literature plays a pivotal role in sensitizing the human beings. The discussion on plays by erudite scholars can contribute substantially in enhancing the students comprehension of the nitty gritty of the topic. She adumbrated that as Abdulla Diwana play is in the curriculum, the exhaustive discussion on it will make the students stand to gain a lot from it. Dr Iqbal Kaur, HOD, Department of Punjabi and Dr Harpreet also made presentations on the occasion. They threw further light on the absurdist technique of Abdulla Diwana.